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Fristads joins the PFAS Movement

Fristads has signed on to the environmental organisation ChemSec's initiative the PFAS Movement. The movement aims to emphasise and educate about the harmful effects of PFAS substances, and fights to phase them out of production.

Fristads is continuously working to be a more sustainable supplier of workwear with the aim to be a leader in sustainability within the industry. Now Fristads takes another important step in reducing their climate impact by joining ChemSec’s initiative the PFAS Movement.

“Good clothes protect people and should not be produced at the expense of the environment. As a supplier of workwear we need to take our responsibility and reduce the environmental pollution caused by PFAS during the manufacturing processes and during the user phase. By joining ChemSec’s initiative we can work together on finding safe alternatives,” says Anders Hülse, Managing Director of Fristads.

Responsible chemical use
Fristads works continuously to reduce the usage of potentially harmful chemicals in the products. It is complicated work as the demand on function and safety for workwear is much higher than for other clothing products.

“Chemicals are used to give the garment specific functional features. We work continuously to keep the concentration levels of the chemicals as low as possible and ensure that chemicals are only applied when it is absolutely necessary for the function of the garment and to ensure that the wearer is fully protected by the garment at work,” says Lisa Rosengren, Head of R&D Raw Material at Fristads. 

About: PFAS
PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated chemicals) are a group of man-made chemicals that are found in a wide range of household products and accumulate over time in the environment and the human body.

About: ChemSec
ChemSec is an international non-profit organisation that works to phase out harmful chemicals in favor of safe alternatives. In their work, ChemSec wants to create a strong link between researchers, decision makers and companies in the fight against harmful chemicals. Through ChemSec's PFAS movement, companies commit to working to get hazardous fluorides phased out from the manufacturing chain and support that the harmful chemicals are banned from use.

For more information about Fristads sustainability work, please visit www.fristads.com

About Fristads

About Fristads Fristads has challenged and driven the development of durable and functional workwear since 1925, always with professional workers in mind and with innovation and sustainability as drivers. Our range of clothing includes classic as well as contemporary garments for a wide range of industries and our garments are made to meet the highest standards when it comes to quality, safety and comfort. Fristads is part of Hultafors Group, which is owned by Investment Latour AB and offers a broad portfolio of products and brands catering to professional craftsmen. Read more about Fristads at www.fristads.com.


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Sofia Bennegård