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Fristads launches a new, environmentally declared concept for corporate workwear

Fristads launches a new, environmentally declared concept for corporate workwear

Swedish workwear manufacturer Fristads is now launching a completely new workwear collection, designed specifically to meet customer demand in Europe and available at a reasonable price. The Forsbo concept consists of garments with a clean design and contemporary fit, facilitating profiling. Most of the garments in the concept will have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and have been developed with environmental awareness to minimise the impact on the environment.

“The Forsbo concept has been developed to meet an increased customer demand in Europe. The clean design, contemporary fit and colour selection makes it the perfect choice for companies with many different professions where uniform workwear is key to the team spirit,” says Lena Bay Højland, Product Director at Fristads.

Work clothes with many options
The garments in Forsbo come in a variety of colours and all garments are approved for industrial laundry. The trousers and jackets can easily be combined to create a unique and uniform look, and all garments are designed to facilitate profiling.

"The garments are made of lightweight material and with mechanical stretch as well as stretch details in the waist and are particularly suitable for working indoors such as in industrial production, for mechanics in the construction sector or for service employees. Therefore, the garments are also metal-free to prevent scratches. All garments are also UV protected and OEKO-Tex® certified," says Lena Bay Højland, product director at Fristads.

More sustainable workwear
Fristads has worked on updating the assortment to become more environmentally sustainable for many years. In 2019 they launched the clothing industry’s first garments with an Environmental Product Declaration, EPD, and since then they have also switched to more environmentally sustainable materials on several of the best sellers to lower their climate impact.

“Our target is to reduce our environmental impact by 50 percent before 2030 and working with such a transparent tool as the EPD gives us good insights in how to develop more sustainable workwear, without compromising on the quality or protection of the user. Good work clothes should protect people, but not at unnecessary expense of the environment,” says Lena Bay Højland, Product Director at Fristads.

The Forsbo concept is launched in May 2024. Read more at fristads.com

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Fristads Fristads has challenged and driven the development of durable and functional workwear since 1925, always with professional workers in mind and with innovation and sustainability as drivers. Our range of clothing includes classic as well as contemporary garments for a wide range of industries and our garments are made to meet the highest standards when it comes to quality, safety and comfort. Fristads is part of Hultafors Group, which is owned by Investment Latour AB and offers a broad portfolio of products and brands catering to professional craftsmen. Read more about Fristads at www.fristads.com.


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