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Vattenfall and Fristads continue collaboration to reduce their environmental impact

Fristads has gained continued trust from Vattenfall to supply workwear for the company's over 4,000 employees in Sweden.

Fristads has gained continued trust from Vattenfall to supply workwear for the company's over 4,000 employees in Sweden. The agreement marks a joint effort by the companies to work towards a more sustainable industry and reduce their impact on the climate.

"We choose Fristads again because they deliver high-quality products that withstand the conditions our employees work in. They are also at the forefront of sustainability, which is crucial for us at Vattenfall," said Mats Lövström, Strategic Purchaser at Vattenfall.

Vattenfall utilises around 300 items from Fristads' range, with about 30 developed collaboratively in recent years. These garments, most of which are so called multinorm garments, protect users from various risks, including electric arc, radiant heat, and high voltage.

"We are very pleased and proud that Vattenfall chooses to extend our collaboration. Vattenfall, like us, has a strong focus on sustainability, and we have several exciting joint projects in progress in this area. For us, this is evidence that our focus on helping our customers reduce their environmental impact through their choice of workwear is the right way to go," says Peter Hilmersson, Key Account Manager at Fristads.

Sustainability in focus
For Fristads, sustainability is a priority, and the company aims to halve its climate impact by 2030. To reach this goal Fristads works with sustainability on a broad front, encompassing everything from the choice of material and manufacturing method for a product, to reuse and end-of-life solutions like downcycling. One of the current pilot projects with Vattenfall and Vattenfall Services, called Reuse, involves collecting used workwear from temporary employees within Vattenfall. After quality control and potential repairs, the garments can be reused.

"At Vattenfall Services, together with Fristads, we have just started a pilot for Reuse, where we will explore the possibility of reusing outer garments. Fristads takes responsibility for ensuring the garments maintain the required standard for reuse, and as a bonus, we simultaneously lower our costs for purchasing workwear," says Ronny Hjalmarsson, Unit Manager Stations at Vattenfall Services.

"For us, it's a given that everyone should have access to good and sustainable clothing both at home and at work, but it should not be manufactured at unnecessary expense of the climate. Therefore, we must dare to think differently when it comes to finding new ways to manufacture products and extend the life of existing products. For this type of work, it is incredibly valuable to collaborate with customers who also prioritise sustainability," said Frida Avasalu, Global Solutions Director at Fristads.

About Vattenfall
Vattenfall is a European energy company with approximately 20,000 employees, with main markets in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and the UK. The business area Vattenfall Services builds, maintains, and develops energy solutions for businesses and public operations. For over 100 years, Vattenfall has electrified industries, delivered energy to people's homes, and modernised our way of life through innovation and collaboration. Vattenfall is committed to fossil freedom. Learn more at www.vattenfall.com.

About Fristads

Fristads Fristads has challenged and driven the development of durable and functional workwear since 1925, always with professional workers in mind and with innovation and sustainability as drivers. Our range of clothing includes classic as well as contemporary garments for a wide range of industries and our garments are made to meet the highest standards when it comes to quality, safety and comfort. Fristads is part of Hultafors Group, which is owned by Investment Latour AB and offers a broad portfolio of products and brands catering to professional craftsmen. Read more about Fristads at www.fristads.com.


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Sofia Bennegård